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Nicolas Leus(BE, 1968) presents his first solo show in Barbé Gallery in his hometown Ghent after he has not exhibited for six years. In his exhibition, ‘Ziezo’, zei hij achteloos, maar… Leus presents a series of paintings. Or maybe they are sketches and maps? Together with the other objects and wall drawings we notice the process-orientated character of his artworks. They are never a single or completed whole. According to Leus multiplicity, variety and continuously changing contexts are more relevant.

Language and space are reoccurring concepts in the oeuvre of Leus. We can classify his work partially as visual art and also as poetry. The plastic and poetic nature of his work is equally important. The visual aspect has a literary dimension and vice versa. The work possesses a material value. On the other hand, his artworks can be described as imaginary landscapes or mental hikes. In his art work a visual relationship exists with urbanization and architecture, as well as with politics and society. Leus is a realist amidst the contemporary, ambiguous modernity in which he relies on – what he calls – the folklore of contemporary art.

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